Health and Wellness Adventures in Costa Rica

I want to invite you all along on my upcoming health and wellness adventures in Costa Rica!  I’ll share my raw food diet in a tropical paradise, which is the perfect environment for fruitarian sorts such as myself.   We’ll visit farmer’s markets, waterfalls, beaches, jungles and more!  My aim is to really make the Raw Tropical Living lifestyle come alive in front of your eyes!

The adventure will begin, and I will most likely be based, in Playa Jacó which is on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  I lived in this little surf town for 15 of the 18 years that I have lived down there.  It is the largest beach town in Costa Rica and is heavily influenced by the surf.  Many people live by the high tide and if the waves are good the whole town has a different energy.

There is so much to share in this area, and I’ll try to create as much content as humanly possible while I’m there!  There are a number of good yoga teachers in the area.  I look forward to focusing on my yoga practice seriously while there and hopefully introduce you to a couple of my favorite yoga teachers.

While Jacó will most likely be the base for the trip, there is so much more to Costa Rica and I really hope to show you as much of it as possible.  There are several stunning waterfalls I have never visited before and they are high on my priority list while there!  We will most definitely tour as many farmer’s markets as possible!  There are 3 or 4 that are next level and bound to blow your mind!  Fruit is everywhere!  In Jacó alone, I had at least 5 or 6 places where I regularly found spectacular fruit.

I will also be scouting out some opportunities on this trip for retreats and plant-based vacations in the future.  There is one particular area I fell in love with a little over 2 years ago that I want to revisit.  The soil in the area is very mineral rich, and there are lots of organic fruits and vegetables available.  Below is a video I shot while staying in a little cabin in the jungle.  Here is a playlist of videos from that trip to Platanillo/ Tinamaste:  Costa Rica Jungle Playlist.  If you search Tinamaste market on YouTube you’ll see first hand the amazing farmer’s market there!

I’m reaching out and hope to connect and meet up with interesting like minded people while I’m down there.  It would be great to collaborate on some video projects with other fruity vegan folks.  Both those that are travelling in the country as well as those living there.

If at all humanly possible I will definitely catch up with Chris Kendall of Raw Advantagefame while there!  In the past, we’ve always played tag and missed each other.  He will be at The Farm of Life for a retreat of his own and another where he creates the food.  If you have never had any of his creations, they are beyond amazing!

As of now, I’m supposed to have a fellow raw vegan joining me for the first couple of months that I’m there!  This should make things more interesting and it will be nice to have an extra hand with the camera.  Perhaps I can entice them into participating in some of the videos and offering more perspective on the lifestyle there.

I’ve learned some interesting lessons about this lifestyle and myself being back in the States for such a long time!  Up until July of 2017, I had only been raw vegan in Costa Rica.  It has definitely taught me to not take for granted having abundant fruit at my fingertips!  Now I’m just counting the days until I’m back where I belong!

So please join me and let me share this adventure in Costa Rica with you!  The blog is going to become much more active and there are going to be some giveaways in the very near future!  So stay tuned!


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