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  • New Raw Vegan Restaurant in Pensacola, Florida

    The raw vegan BLT was very simple but delicious!  It was dehydrated eggplant bacon, tomato and avocado in a lovely natural wrap.  View Post
  • Health and Wellness Adventures in Costa Rica

    I’ve learned some interesting lessons about this lifestyle and myself being back in the States for such a long time!  Up until July of 2017, I had only been raw vegan in Costa Rica.  It has definitely taught me to not take for granted having abundant fruit at my fingertips!  Now I’m just counting the days until I’m back where I belong! View Post
  • Beginner’s Mind Meditation

    I don’t put any pressure on myself to sit again in the evening but I have just naturally felt like it.  The majority of my sessions last about 20 minutes and some days I end up with a 40+ minute total between the 2 sessions. View Post